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We Provide and Organise:
Private functions, at your "Home, Work or Yacht", and you can also choose one of our carefully selected Restaurants, Hotels and Location

Also we Consult NEW TO CATERING Clients on setting up their own Restaurants or Coffee Shops.



Everyone dreams of being their own boss, yet only a very small percentage of the population ever achieve that dream!

Whilst most of us share the same desire we are held back by lack of knowledge, lack of money or the fear of failure. Restaurant Consultants offer training, support and knowledge so you can start and run your own business with minimal risk and proven experience behind you.

Should you feel you have the enthusiasm, stamina for hard work and a genuine desire to be your own boss in the catering world but lack the “Know How”, then come and talk to Restaurant Consultants who provide effective, innovative and practical solutions to the problems regularly faced within the hospitality industry.

Clients can range from multi-unit national chains to small independent family run restaurants. No matter who is the client, our goal is the same... success.

Join us to fulfil your ambition.

Almost 50% of our work is helping clients launch new restaurants. We assist with all aspects from concept and brand development, from staffing to kitchen design and opening training.

• Regular visits and communication with the Company
• Help and advice (ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY)
• Shared exchanges and ideas for promotions
• Regular meetings
• Product development and promotion

We hold your hand through every step of a restaurant launch, allowing our expertise to touch every aspect of the project. We get more involved in areas where you need more help and less in areas where you have it all under control. It is a huge asset to have Restaurant Consultants on your side.

Possibly the greatest hurdle the sole trader faces is that of being alone. When problems arise there is no one to discuss them with.

You cannot talk to the Bank, as you do not know how the manager will react. Competitors will not help, they would be happier to see you out of business rather than take a larger slice of their market. All in all the running of your own business can be a lonely affair.

Not so with the help of Restaurant Consultants, you always have a friendly colleague to call upon. To maintain communications and counter the feeling of isolation Restaurant Consultants with its ongoing commitment will make you feel PART OF THE FAMILY whilst still running and benefiting from your own business.


• To give your guests an unforgettable experience, your staff needs to be functioning at incredibly high levels.
• Whether you are fine dining, or a pub, excellence in staff execution is something that can be delivered at all levels and styles of restaurants.
• Restaurant Consultants is the best at raising the levels of service culture within a restaurant.


You have a successful restaurant and are thinking of opening 2nd or 3rd, but how can you replicate yourself to make that happen. Restaurant Consultants can organise help restaurateurs grow their brand into multiple locations. Whether maintained within owner control or by franchising, Restaurant Consultants can make your growth a success.

Succeed with Restaurant Consultants

Many people start their own business and a few succeed while a lot fall by the wayside as casualties, reduce the risk of failure join Restaurant Consultants.


• Proven Business format
• Corporate identity
• Training and knowledge
• Management (know how)
• Up and running Business
• On going support
• Correct finances


• Going it alone
• Lack of know how
• Lack of market research
• Lack of management skills
• Lack of sales forecasting
• Lack of financial management

Five good reasons why Restaurant Consultants will work for you:

1. Established location for new outlets
2. Wealth of Experience
3. First class Training
4. Income from Day One
5. On going Support and development

“Ideal opportunity in a market with continuing demand”

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