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Hertz - Madrid, Barajas - NH Barajas Hotel
Dirección: Calle Catamarán, 1, 28042 Madrid, España
Teléfono: 917 47 28 20
Estado: Comunidad de Madrid
Condado: Madrid
Ciudad: Madrid
Ruta: Calle Catamarán
Número de calle: 1
Código postal: 28042

Horas laborales

lunes: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–18:30
martes: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–18:30
miércoles: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–18:30
jueves: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–18:30
viernes: 9:30–13:30, 15:30–18:30
sábado: Cerrado
domingo: Cerrado

Perfecto. Retiré el vehículo antes de la hora reservada y no hubo inconvenientes. Muy buena atención
4 Hace 5 años (17-05-2018)
El hotel está recién reformado, gran cambio.
4 Hace 7 años (08-06-2017)
Worst travel experience EVER. This isn't a real rental facility; it's staffed by a single person, who's not available weekends (she was out of town and couldn't be reached). And, believe it or not, she is the ONLY ONE in the entire company with keys to the dropbox. So when we dropped our car key in the dropbox the night before our flight and then discovered we had left a bag in the car -- naturally, the important bag, the one with medications etc -- we were completely out of luck. That was at 9 pm; we didn't get our bag back until 8:30 the next morning, and Hertz told us they were going to charge us 300 euros for a roadside assistance call -- to their own facility. It was a regular Keystone Kops routine. We spent the entire evening on the phone trying in vain to get help from Hertz. We finally got someone before they closed at midnight who said they were sending a roadside assistance vehicle. But he didn't show up until 1:45 a.m., and when he did, all he was equipped to do was to tow the car -- to a location that didn't have a key to the car. This is going to help how? We got maybe 1 hour of sleep that night. Now Hertz is telling us "sorry, you should have bought the roadside assistance insurance" -- which wasn't even offered (it's not on the voucher listing the things we declined). We will never rent from Hertz again, anywhere in the world. Oh, and the reason we were so frazzled we locked the keys in the car? The hotel garage is designed such that it's possible to literally get trapped: the outer door closes behind you, but you miss the inner door (because you couldn't get to it fast enough, because the mini-SUV that Hertz 'upgraded' you to can't make the tight turn necessary). You can't go forward, you can't go back, you can't call the hotel desk because there's no mobile coverage in the garage, and you can't even escape on foot because this section is for residents only and REQUIRES A KEYCARD TO EXIT. The whole thing was a nightmare. Also, on our way there, the hotel shuttle van never came, despite us calling them. We were stuck at the airport for 1.5 hr & eventually ended up having to take a taxi for 20 euros.
1 Hace 6 años (09-01-2018)
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