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Dirección: Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, Glorieta Emperador Carlos V, s/n, 28012 Madrid, España
Teléfono: 902 02 39 32
Estado: Comunidad de Madrid
Condado: Madrid
Ciudad: Madrid
Ruta: Glorieta Emperador Carlos V
Número de calle: s/n
Código postal: 28012

Horas laborales

lunes: 8:02–3:00
martes: 8:02–3:00
miércoles: 8:02–3:00
jueves: 8:02–3:00
viernes: 8:02–3:00
sábado: 8:02–3:00
domingo: 8:02–3:00

Muy descontento, tuve un problema con ellos y el personal no se mostró en ningún momento pro activo para ayudarme a resolver la incidencia.
1 Hace 7 años (05-04-2017)
No existe
1 Hace 7 años (07-12-2017)
Drove an hour in the rain to find this place! Phone number does not work; just continues to ring. Location is not clearly stated on website. I was more than frustrated trying to return our rental after driving from San Sebastian. This place is located down a ramp in the parking lot of the train station. Not easy to find! After raising the complaint to the staff, they said that corporate knows about the phone not working. They ensured me that they would communicate to corporate about updating their address with additional notes, but I see that's so many other people had the same comment about finding this location many months prior to my experience. This shows very poor customer experience. What's more to add? I just received an email stating that Hertz was charging me 40 Euros for a traffic violation, although that's my fault. Just burns!!
1 Hace 6 años (10-05-2018)
I walked around (literally) the station inside and out for an hour and a half dragging my luggage, calling their phone number several times to ask where they were at Atocha. No answer. Took the train to Toledo and the very kind woman at the front desk of my hotel tried calling several different Hertz offices in Madrid. No answer. This was not bad customer service. This was a complete refusal to provide the service that I had already paid for. I am irate. Thank goodness for RENFE.
1 Hace 6 años (14-03-2018)
This is the wrong place on the map !!! I was searching, with the kids in the car, for more than an hour. Hertz is not answering phone, google and hertz car navigation displaying wrong location, other location is only for bikes and not car return. Finally the girl on the phone could give me the coordinates and staff there is nice but Hertz management deserves 0 POINTS! After this experience NEVER EVER HERTZ!
1 Hace 6 años (05-01-2018)
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